Toast Pop Travels: The Air Force Museum

Ohio gave birth to Wibur and Orville Wright, the men who gave birth to modern aviation. Over a century later, they’re honored in the National Museum of the United States Air Force among three hundred and fifty other aircraft, missiles, and other artifacts related to flight’s history and development. With free admission and parking every day of  the week, this is a great place to spend one or two days while in Dayton, Ohio! 

Situated on the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the museum is home to over eleven galleries that highlight aviation’s contributions to wartime conflicts and scientific developments in the field. Several craft are furbished to allow visitors to walk through the hulls and peek into the cockpits. Some even have models or simulations of the aircraft driver’s seat. My personal favorite was the Presidential gallery, a display of the aircraft that carried America’s leaders. Even some momentos like dishes, itineraries, and menus are shown. 

A Centennial exhibit honoring the museum itself is planned to open May 20th. 

Other attractions and amenities at the museum include: free guided tours; virtual and audio tours; touchscreen games and information panels; some hands-on STEM integration activities; handicap access and motor carts; an Aviation Hall of Fame; a gift shop; and concessions. Out on the grounds are the Air Park, with a playground and exhibits of Boeing aircraft, a control tower, and Nissan Hut from WWII; and the Memorial Park with statues and plaques for those who gave their lives in the Air Force. For a fee, visitors can get tickets to experience one of their 3-D or VR simulator rides or the museum’s own movie theater with specialty films. 

This museum is very much “Toast Pop approved”! I can’t think of any other feature destination this budget-friendly and steeped in heritage! Just wear good walking shoes and don’t forget to look up as many displays are structured overhead!

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Toast Pop Travels: The National Corvette Museum

I’m not a huge car person, but thankfully the men in my life are! Growing up, my dad worked for a couple automotive production plants and also owned a 1974 C4. My husband is a commercial truck driver but he knows his way around civilian vehicles quite well himself, having tinkered with mine since we’ve known each other. 

My husband’s work has taken him through Bowling Green, Kentucky countless times but two years ago, we were finally passing through for pleasure after Thanksgiving and had time to stop at the National Corvette Museum–someplace he’s been wanting to go, and one I genuinely enjoyed myself given to some extent by my dad’s associations with the classic vehicle. 

The museum is on the aptly named Corvette Drive and can be seen from Interstate 65. It’s also a quarter mile from the Bowling Green Assembly Plant, where Corvettes have been produced since 1981. Plant tours are a possibility, though separate from the museum admission and experience, of course. The 115,000-square foot facility showcases over eighty models throughout its seventy-year production, along with other displays of the company’s history and memorabilia. They’ve even dedicated an exhibit to the collapse of its Skydome floor in 2014–a sinkhole developed under the floor of that section in the building, and swallowed eight rare and one-of-a-kind Corvettes among other debris. The area with extra precautions, and displays have been integrated to illustrate the sinkhole location, a simulation of the disaster, some of the geography behind it, and the recovered or damaged vehicles after the fact. 

A current, limited-engagement feature is a gallery for the Legendary Creations of Carl Casper, the man behind “The Batman Returns” Batmobile, Turbo Shark Corvette/ Cosmic Invader, Young American Dragster/ 51 Merc “Knight Cruiser” and more exotic custom creations. Also, an education gallery opening April 28th will offer hands-on STREAM activities for younger visitors to enjoy. 

Amid cruising the showcases, hungry visitors can dine at the museum’s Stingray Grill that serves diner-style burgers, salads, desserts, and drinks. The museum’s Corvette Store offers Corvette accessories and car care products in addition to typical souvenirs. Right in the lobby is a Corvette driving simulator in which participants drive a C6 on a virtual racetrack. The real driving experience is offered seasonally at the NCM Motorsports Park across the highway.

Even if you’re not a car geek, time here at the National Corvette Museum can be time well-spent with any vehicle enthusiasts in your life! This attraction gets “ToastPop Approval”! 

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ASMR: ToastPop Girl’s Favorite Sleeping Trick and ASMRtists

Photo by cottonbro studio on

General tips for falling asleep often entail a combination of drinking or not drinking certain beverages, avoiding naps or not napping for too long, taking medicines or supplements, exercising and/or relaxing, breathing or laying a certain way, maintaining a regular routine or doing things at a certain time, limiting electronics, light, diet, room temperature before bed or in the bedroom…All the do’s and don’ts are exhausting enough, especially if the efforts outweigh the intended benefits. However, one recommendation you won’t find on many lists is ASMR media (or just ASMR for short), a recent, but effective phenomenon in the world of sleep-inducing tricks and habits.

 If you’re familiar with white noise, ASMR can be more intense and more sensory-oriented. ASMR is an acronym for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which are pleasant tingling, static, or goosebump-like sensations triggered by particular sights or sounds. Some compare the tactile feelings to a brain massage, or even a brain or ear orgasm and the emotional responses tend to be euphoric and sedate.

ASMR media is either audio or audio-visual productions that cater to triggering/inducing ASMR sensations.YouTube, Twitch, and Spotify are big outlets for it. What makes it unique are the sights, sounds, and even equipment used to produce the sensory responses. ASMR content creators will use either two microphones or binaural microphones and techniques to simulate a three-dimensional environment. The triggers they perform can be sounds or actions like:

  • keyboard/typing or button-pushing sounds 
  • finger, nail, or surface tapping, touching, tracing, or scratching
  • manipulating soft-noise items like paper, fabric, bubble wrap, containers of liquid, rice, sand, etc. 
  • personal attention (i.e. grooming/self-care, putting on makeup, performing a check-up or exam, speaking compliments, conversations, or positive affirmations)
  • soft or repetitive voices, whispering, or mouth sounds
  • a combination of triggers in a roleplay/cosplay

ASMR also has a “word-of-mouth” quality to it. The phenomenon took off around ten years ago, so science is still trying to dissect it and explore its effects. But what’s been gleaned from early research and anecdotal reports is generally positive:

  • ASMR is an interesting combination of both arousal and relaxation. The physical sensation is typically accompanied by feelings of happiness, calm, or sleepiness.Some people also report pleasant feelings of relaxation, calm, sleepiness, or well-being.
  • Its best-known application is as a treatment for insomnia. In one small survey, 82% of respondents in a survey reported that they used ASMR to induce sleep.
  • ASMR may ease people to sleep by reducing stress, improving mood, or distracting them from intrusive thoughts.
  • It can help the brain release endorphins and neurohormones, promoting relaxation and theta brainwaves and leading to deep, healthy sleep.  
  • ASMR appears to activate regions of the brain associated with calming, sleep-inducing hormones like dopamine and oxytocin.
  • People who enjoy ASMR often report reduced anxiety, fewer headaches, lower blood pressure, and more. It even seems to promote chronic pain relief. 
  • Even Google has taken notice. In 2016, searches on their browser for ASMR tended to peak around 10:30 p.m., regardless of time zone, when people are winding down for the evening. “ASMR sleep” was also one of the top related terms.

If you want to give ASMR a try, here are my favorite ASMRtists: 

On YouTube and Spotify


Recommended recordings: New to ASMR? Click Here! Her video for newcomers; Pulling Stuff out of Your Ears, various stickpoint objects are stuck in her microphone, or in your ears, and she gently removes them; Fixing Your Malfunctions, you’re a computer/machine/robot in need of tuning up; Patterns on Your Face; Unintelligible Whispers

The links are to YouTube but you can search the same titles to find them on Spotify.


Recommended recordings: Plucking, Poking, and Petting; Inaudible/Unintelligible Whispers

The links are to Spotify but you can search the same titles to find them on YouTube.

I have a couple Spotify playlists specifically for ASMR if you’re ready for more ASMR experiences:

ASMR-Whispers, Tingles, and Tickles – includes a variety of ASMRtists, including Gibi and FrivolousFox

Gibi playlist – exclusively Gibi content

Only on YouTube

Jodie Marie

Recommended recordings: Doing your Makeup/Personal Attention/Brushing/Trigger Words; Just Relaxing with You/Gentle Ear Triggers, a simple roleplay where the two of you have a relaxing sleepover.

Daisy Banaisy

Recommended recordings: her alien roleplay, you were abducted onto the alien’s ship; you become friends and travel the universe together.


Reommended recordings: her alien roleplay, you end up on the alien’s plant and her character cares a lot for you; her astronaut roleplay, you are a sick alien she examines and helps.

I also have a YouTube playlist featuring all the listed creators and more.

A few more tips
  • I recommend using headphones or earbuds to best experience the effects of ASMR. Make sure both ear parts are working. You might even consider investing in headphones for sleeping. Make sure they’re charged before extended use; some may “talk” to you when the battery is low. 
  • Once you’ve started ASMR on your preferred device, limit any further light exposure by either turning off the screen or setting the device facedown. If you don’t want it running all night, you might set a sleep timer. 
  • The only downside to streaming ASMR directly online is that the ads may wake you up if you don’t have an ad-free subscription to the service or auto-play is left on. 


Fire Fight Australia: A “Live Aid-Style” Concert Benefiting Brushfire Disaster Relief

In 1985, the music world offered their talents for the Live Aid super-concert charity to support South African famine relief. The rock band, Queen, was one of the highlights from the Live Aid performances and conversely, the event was a highlight of their stardom.

  Sources claim the Land Down Under has experienced the worst brushfire season on record. Originating in the southeast region of New South Wales back in November 2019, the fires have swept across all six Australian states. Roughly 25.5 million acres have been destroyed, devastating over two-thousand homes and an estimation of one billion animals. To give some perspective, that amount of acreage is comparable to the size of South Korea! The eastern Australian states of Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria account for eighty-four percent of the devastation. Due to the smoke, the capitol city of Sydney (on the Australian east coast of the New South Wales state) recorded the worst pollution it’s ever seen on January 1st, with an air quality index twenty-three times higher than what is considered hazardous. This so much and so problematic that the smoke crept into birthing rooms, stopped MRI machines from working, and triggered respiratory distress in an elderly woman, leading to her death. The pollutant air quality has even affected New Zeland, which is over 1,200 off Australia’s east coast. Their skies, clouds, and glaciers have been uncharacteristically discolored. The smoke haze has even canceled tour operations. With Australia in the midst of summertime and the normal peak of their fire season around late January or early February, their disasters could only continue and worsen.

Over thirty-five years after Live Aid, the music world does it again with Fire Fight Australia, a charity concert for Australia’s brushfire relief efforts taking place Sunday, February 16th. In fact, its even been touted as a “Live Aid-style concert”! And again, Queen (+ Adam Lambert) will take the stage at ANZ Stadium for the event, which comes the day after a show on their Rhapsody Tour. They will be joined by Alice Cooper, Olivia Newton-John, k.d. lang, and many other worldwide and local music icons, some of which have yet to be announced. All proceeds will benefit Australia’s rural and regional fire services, the RSPCA Bushfire appeal, the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery and other organizations.

Concert tickets went on sale January 13th and have unfortunately sold out as of this writing. The Australian-based vendor Ticketek is the only authorized dealer, meaning that tickets purchased from anywhere else are not guaranteed to be valid and offer access to be event. As of the end of January, broadcasts of the event have been announced through Australia’s Channel Seven, Foxtel, and the 7Plus streaming service.

Fire Fight Australia concert promo; image courtesy of Google

Live Aid was an ambitious endeavor for its time, lasting around sixteen hours between two major venues set between majorly different time zones –three venues and zones if you count Oz for Africa held in Australia the day before for that matter. Satellite broadcasting was still fairly new in 1985. Nonetheless around sixty music acts reached over a billion viewers in 110 countries and raised one hundred and fifty million pounds. Thirty-five years later, an international broadcast or live stream of some kind should be no problem. Around twenty-one acts and counting are already confirmed on the Fire Fight Australia bill, and ultimately we have the power of the internet which stars everywhere have used to react or respond to the crisis, sharing heartbreak or urging support on social media. One most significant posts was from Airbourne, an Australian rock band, who tweeted:

“Rockers worldwide – if you haven’t heard yet, Australia is literally burning – the smoke can be seen from space and has even turned the white snow caps over in New Zealand black.

“Too many Aussies have lost their loved ones – they’ve lost homes and livelihoods, and over half a billion animals have met their fate in these devastating fires. 

“Firefighters – a lot of whom are volunteers – and all emergency personnel, including the large number of vets, are going way beyond the call to duty and we thank them with all of our hearts. Australia can’t survive without their staunch, courageous and never-say-die commitment to stopping these fires.

“Any help from you will be greatly appreciated and will go a long way – even just one pound, one euro, one dollar or one peso can help. Every little bit helps rockers – Australia is burning.”

Others have harnessed star power, influence, and/or their own wealth, like Sir Elton John at a recent concert drew attention to the bushfire devastation and pledged one-million dollars for relief efforts. Metallica donated $750,000 and Pink has pledged $50,000. New Jersey deathcore band, Fit for an Autopsy, and Blink-182 have geared merchandise sales towards fundraising. As news of the brushfire disasters have gone global in the last month or so, the calls to action and responses alone, ahead of the concert event itself at that, are what really have been “Live Aid-style”.  

What can you do? Below are links to a few organizations taking donations or to merchandise sales supporting relief efforts or to other information about the disasters or charity efforts. This list just came together from this article’s source material and a little additional research and is by no means comprehensive, but ideally its a starting point for someone interested in lending a hand or knowing more.– get a live album recording of the concert event – Donates to the New South Whales rural fire service – Donates to Country Fire Authority; based in the state of Victoria – Donates to Country Fire Service Foundation; supports volunteer firefighters – Donates to WIRES Wildlife Rescue


Benefits of Adult Coloring Books


One of my all-time favorite memories as a child was getting a new box of crayons. Everything about it was wonderful: the vivid colors, the new smell, the way they felt on the coloring sheets. Now that I am an adult, I find that not much has changed. I love to sit and color. It takes me back to my carefree days, and I find that I’m not alone in this unorthodox method of de-stressing.

For many years, therapists have recognized art as a way to relieve patient’s emotional and physical distress. Oftentimes, life can be overwhelming and words can fail us when we try to convey our turbulent or strong emotions. Coloring can provide an outlet for all of these things we cannot seem to express, be they joyful or of sorrow.

In another study, adult coloring books have been observed to have a very similar effect to meditation. Once involved in completing their picture, the person coloring can block out internal and external negativity and focus on the moment, on the movement of pencil or crayon on paper. People diagnosed with anxiety and/or ADHD had been observed in multiple studies as being less fidgety, calmer, and much more able to pay attention to the task at hand.

While obviously not a cure-all for any condition, this bit of nostalgia can be used as a balm to the adult mind plagued with adult problems.

Is Your Dorm Room Haunted?

scary dorm 2It might sound ridiculous to some to suggest that a dorm room can be haunted, but to others, it makes perfect sense. If you think about it, more has happened in a single dorm room than happens in most apartments or houses. There are too many reports of hauntings in dorm rooms to ignore.

There are some things to consider before you decide if your dormitory is haunted or not. To start with, ask yourself these simple questions.

  • Is your dorm building new or has it been around for a while?
  • Is your campus historical or newer?
  • Is the location of your campus near or located on any historical sites?
  • Has any major event happened near or at the location of your dorm?

Let’s dissect each of those questions and why they are vital in determining if your dorm room is truly haunted or if it’s just old plumbing that is causing all of the noises you hear. If your dorm building is older then there is more of a chance for something to have happened where you are staying. Many believe that ghosts or spirits are commonly found in locations where something major has happened before. It might not seem like a life-changing event to you, but if something happened in the past that an apparition considers vital then it is possible you may have a lingering guest.

If your campus is historical then there is also more of a chance that some major event has happened on campus. It makes sense that if your campus is haunted then the ghosts won’t just stay in one place. If you are experiencing a haunting on campus then it is likely that others are too.

If your campus is located near any historical sites that might have not-so-pleasant pasts then it is also likely that some bad energy has ended up on your campus. Lastly, if a major event happened near your dorm that could cause a haunting then you are much more likely to be experiencing a haunting.

If you or anyone else on campus has experienced the following, then it is likely you have a real haunting:

  • Hearing strange noises at odd times.scary dorm
  • Hearing someone saying your name or speaking, even though nobody else is around.
  • Doors shutting, windows slamming shut, things falling over, even though nobody is around to have done it.
  • Floating objects.
  • Shadows or movement that is unordinary.
  • Strange reflections in mirrors.
  • Sudden change in temperature.
  • Unusual fog or glowing orbs in photos.
  • Flickering lights.
  • Abrupt loud noises that don’t seem to have an immediate source.

Reports of hauntings in dorm rooms or on campuses are common, so don’t feel alone when looking into this. Sometimes the strange things that happen can be explained away with simple logic, but in many cases, there are no logical explanations other than to admit that an actual haunting might be occurring. This article is not to give advice on what to do if you have a haunting because every situation is different and might require different action, but rather this is to help you decide if you have an actual haunting or perhaps just live in an old building where old wiring can explain your sightings.

Please take time to let us know your haunted dorm room story in the comments section.

Instax Camera Buyers Guide

Instax Mini PhotoThere are quite a few choices in the world of instant photography. You might be asking yourself, “What is instant photography?” The short and most accurate answer would be that instant photography is a type of photography where the photo that you take is instantly and physically available. That’s right, you can take a photo and then hold that photo in a matter of seconds! If this sounds awesome to you, and it should unless you are a robot (no offense to robots), then you should keep reading to find out which instant camera is right for you.

The most popular type of instant camera on the market is known as the FujiFilm Instax. There are a variety of models and they all boast some pretty unique features, but it can make it hard to decide upon just one. There are two main types of Instax camera to choose from. The instax mini is the most common, but the instax wide is growing in popularity among those who want a more traditional “Polaroid” size for their photo.

Is the Instax Mini right for you? The main appeal of the instax mini is that it is extremely portable and takes a really high quality instant photo that develops in a matter of minutes. Most people go with the instax mini because they want to be able to take it everywhere that they go. This model will give you a business-card sized photo that looks cool, is the perfect size to give as a gift, and can easily fit in a wallet or puInstax Wide Photorse.

Is the Instax Wide right for you? Maybe you like instant photography, but you want a photo that is a little bit bigger. Currently, Fuji does not make a camera that will take a “Polaroid” sized photo, but the wide model will get you pretty close. The picture quality is fantastic and the size of the photo is about as good as it gets! The only downside is this camera’s size. It is significantly bigger and heavier than the mini.

In the end, it really is up to you and what you are looking for in an instant camera. If you’re ready to start capturing your memories instantly in a way that is unique and easy to share, the instax series of cameras is for you! Be sure to check out the Toast Pop Shop for a really great deal on one of these cameras. You can learn more or purchase one for yourself by clicking here.

Instax Camera Family

Mother’s Day Poem: “Motherly Love”

Photo by George Dolgikh on

She cries and travails
For the child in her womb
The mother and the father
Wants the child born soon

She pushes and breathes every minute and hour
Thinking back on the moments of the baby shower
9 months of labor, tears, and pain
Suggesting and coming up with the child’s name

A newborn baby, a new life to see
A mother’s birth amounts to something
She nurtures and watches her child grow
Respect and dignity she faithfully sows

A mother’s reflection can be seen through their child
When everyone’s given up, she’ll go the extra mile
God blessed her and made her fruitful with her spouse
They also play an important role in the house

Mother’s Day is not one day, but everyday of the year
Her words and her love remains sincere
For mothers living, for mothers dead
They’ve all made sacrifices to see their children fed

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!
The tears shed, the prayers, and for all you do!
May each and every child one day discover
The overall purpose and love of a mother!

©Carl McKever

Sweets Kendamas

Sweets KendamasIf you’re a fan of the game of Kendama then you need to know about one company that is making some of the most brilliantly designed Kendamas on the market! Sweets Kendams offers an amazing variety of Kendamas that range in color, design, and shape. Each of the color options offered by them pops and stands out.

Aside from having some of the best looking Kendamas in the world, they have sections on their website for tips and tricks, as well as videos to show you just what the game of Kendama is all about! There’s nothing boring or average about their Kendamas, and that’s something that we look for in a product. The game of Kendama is unique in itself, but having a Kendama with a “sweet” design on it, makes the game all the more interesting.

The people at Sweets Kendamas are serious about the game, and serious about having fun with it. They make it easy to learn the basics and aspire to Pro status. In fact, they even have their very own Pro Team. If you’re looking for a trusted Kendama retailer that makes the entire experience enjoyable, go with Sweets Kendama. They truly have some of the coolest Kendamas in the world, and you have the option to get one too! Check them out at

Kendama USA

Kendama USAOne company has really made a name for themselves in the world of Kendama. Kendama is the classic ball and cup skill game, and it’s not hard to see why it has become so popular. It’s simple to learn the basics, but the possibilities are nearly endless. That’s why it’s important to know which companies are the good ones when it comes to making Kendamas.

Just like all good things, there are businesses that make cheaper versions and sell them for about the same prices as the professionals. Luckily, we have done all of the hard work for you and found one of the best and most trusted Kendama retailers in the world, and that is Kendama USA.

Aside from having an enormous selection of Kendamas to choose from, they are ranked number one in customer satisfaction, and that’s something to brag about. Each model of Kendama that they offer is unique in its own ways. No worries though, no matter if you go with a Classic Kendama or a Pro Kendama, you are still guaranteed the highest quality Kendama possible.

Everything from the brilliant color options, to the sturdy wood material that the Kendamas are made out of serves as an indication as to how much effort Kendama USA puts into each and every Kendama. Don’t wonder if the Kendama you ordered online is worth having or not, just go to and order from them if you want peace of mind.