You must be one smart cookie to have found yourself asking, “What could make my life cooler?” Well, we have the answer! Writing for Toast Pop!

We are looking for smart and skilled individuals who has a passion for…well, something! It always helps to be passionate about what you write about. As far as what you’ll be writing about, it’s mostly up to you, but we have articles on everything from books to peanutbutter! All that we ask is that you are dedicated and able to write at least one article a week. Considering an article can be just two paragraphs, that’s not asking much!

Writing for Toast Pop does not pay, but here are a few of the benefits for writing here:

  • You get to build a portfolio of your writing.
  • You will have an amazing and unique reference for job, scholarship, and other applications.
  • You will get to meet creative individuals like yourself.
  • You get to help make internet history!

If all of this sounds good to you, then go ahead and fill in the application below! We are excited to meet you and will let you know about the job super fast!