Toast Pop Travels: The Air Force Museum

Ohio gave birth to Wibur and Orville Wright, the men who gave birth to modern aviation. Over a century later, they’re honored in the National Museum of the United States Air Force among three hundred and fifty other aircraft, missiles, and other artifacts related to flight’s history and development. With free admission and parking every day of  the week, this is a great place to spend one or two days while in Dayton, Ohio! 

Situated on the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the museum is home to over eleven galleries that highlight aviation’s contributions to wartime conflicts and scientific developments in the field. Several craft are furbished to allow visitors to walk through the hulls and peek into the cockpits. Some even have models or simulations of the aircraft driver’s seat. My personal favorite was the Presidential gallery, a display of the aircraft that carried America’s leaders. Even some momentos like dishes, itineraries, and menus are shown. 

A Centennial exhibit honoring the museum itself is planned to open May 20th. 

Other attractions and amenities at the museum include: free guided tours; virtual and audio tours; touchscreen games and information panels; some hands-on STEM integration activities; handicap access and motor carts; an Aviation Hall of Fame; a gift shop; and concessions. Out on the grounds are the Air Park, with a playground and exhibits of Boeing aircraft, a control tower, and Nissan Hut from WWII; and the Memorial Park with statues and plaques for those who gave their lives in the Air Force. For a fee, visitors can get tickets to experience one of their 3-D or VR simulator rides or the museum’s own movie theater with specialty films. 

This museum is very much “Toast Pop approved”! I can’t think of any other feature destination this budget-friendly and steeped in heritage! Just wear good walking shoes and don’t forget to look up as many displays are structured overhead!

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Toast Pop Travels: The National Corvette Museum

I’m not a huge car person, but thankfully the men in my life are! Growing up, my dad worked for a couple automotive production plants and also owned a 1974 C4. My husband is a commercial truck driver but he knows his way around civilian vehicles quite well himself, having tinkered with mine since we’ve known each other. 

My husband’s work has taken him through Bowling Green, Kentucky countless times but two years ago, we were finally passing through for pleasure after Thanksgiving and had time to stop at the National Corvette Museum–someplace he’s been wanting to go, and one I genuinely enjoyed myself given to some extent by my dad’s associations with the classic vehicle. 

The museum is on the aptly named Corvette Drive and can be seen from Interstate 65. It’s also a quarter mile from the Bowling Green Assembly Plant, where Corvettes have been produced since 1981. Plant tours are a possibility, though separate from the museum admission and experience, of course. The 115,000-square foot facility showcases over eighty models throughout its seventy-year production, along with other displays of the company’s history and memorabilia. They’ve even dedicated an exhibit to the collapse of its Skydome floor in 2014–a sinkhole developed under the floor of that section in the building, and swallowed eight rare and one-of-a-kind Corvettes among other debris. The area with extra precautions, and displays have been integrated to illustrate the sinkhole location, a simulation of the disaster, some of the geography behind it, and the recovered or damaged vehicles after the fact. 

A current, limited-engagement feature is a gallery for the Legendary Creations of Carl Casper, the man behind “The Batman Returns” Batmobile, Turbo Shark Corvette/ Cosmic Invader, Young American Dragster/ 51 Merc “Knight Cruiser” and more exotic custom creations. Also, an education gallery opening April 28th will offer hands-on STREAM activities for younger visitors to enjoy. 

Amid cruising the showcases, hungry visitors can dine at the museum’s Stingray Grill that serves diner-style burgers, salads, desserts, and drinks. The museum’s Corvette Store offers Corvette accessories and car care products in addition to typical souvenirs. Right in the lobby is a Corvette driving simulator in which participants drive a C6 on a virtual racetrack. The real driving experience is offered seasonally at the NCM Motorsports Park across the highway.

Even if you’re not a car geek, time here at the National Corvette Museum can be time well-spent with any vehicle enthusiasts in your life! This attraction gets “ToastPop Approval”! 

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ASMR: ToastPop Girl’s Favorite Sleeping Trick and ASMRtists

Photo by cottonbro studio on

General tips for falling asleep often entail a combination of drinking or not drinking certain beverages, avoiding naps or not napping for too long, taking medicines or supplements, exercising and/or relaxing, breathing or laying a certain way, maintaining a regular routine or doing things at a certain time, limiting electronics, light, diet, room temperature before bed or in the bedroom…All the do’s and don’ts are exhausting enough, especially if the efforts outweigh the intended benefits. However, one recommendation you won’t find on many lists is ASMR media (or just ASMR for short), a recent, but effective phenomenon in the world of sleep-inducing tricks and habits.

 If you’re familiar with white noise, ASMR can be more intense and more sensory-oriented. ASMR is an acronym for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which are pleasant tingling, static, or goosebump-like sensations triggered by particular sights or sounds. Some compare the tactile feelings to a brain massage, or even a brain or ear orgasm and the emotional responses tend to be euphoric and sedate.

ASMR media is either audio or audio-visual productions that cater to triggering/inducing ASMR sensations.YouTube, Twitch, and Spotify are big outlets for it. What makes it unique are the sights, sounds, and even equipment used to produce the sensory responses. ASMR content creators will use either two microphones or binaural microphones and techniques to simulate a three-dimensional environment. The triggers they perform can be sounds or actions like:

  • keyboard/typing or button-pushing sounds 
  • finger, nail, or surface tapping, touching, tracing, or scratching
  • manipulating soft-noise items like paper, fabric, bubble wrap, containers of liquid, rice, sand, etc. 
  • personal attention (i.e. grooming/self-care, putting on makeup, performing a check-up or exam, speaking compliments, conversations, or positive affirmations)
  • soft or repetitive voices, whispering, or mouth sounds
  • a combination of triggers in a roleplay/cosplay

ASMR also has a “word-of-mouth” quality to it. The phenomenon took off around ten years ago, so science is still trying to dissect it and explore its effects. But what’s been gleaned from early research and anecdotal reports is generally positive:

  • ASMR is an interesting combination of both arousal and relaxation. The physical sensation is typically accompanied by feelings of happiness, calm, or sleepiness.Some people also report pleasant feelings of relaxation, calm, sleepiness, or well-being.
  • Its best-known application is as a treatment for insomnia. In one small survey, 82% of respondents in a survey reported that they used ASMR to induce sleep.
  • ASMR may ease people to sleep by reducing stress, improving mood, or distracting them from intrusive thoughts.
  • It can help the brain release endorphins and neurohormones, promoting relaxation and theta brainwaves and leading to deep, healthy sleep.  
  • ASMR appears to activate regions of the brain associated with calming, sleep-inducing hormones like dopamine and oxytocin.
  • People who enjoy ASMR often report reduced anxiety, fewer headaches, lower blood pressure, and more. It even seems to promote chronic pain relief. 
  • Even Google has taken notice. In 2016, searches on their browser for ASMR tended to peak around 10:30 p.m., regardless of time zone, when people are winding down for the evening. “ASMR sleep” was also one of the top related terms.

If you want to give ASMR a try, here are my favorite ASMRtists: 

On YouTube and Spotify


Recommended recordings: New to ASMR? Click Here! Her video for newcomers; Pulling Stuff out of Your Ears, various stickpoint objects are stuck in her microphone, or in your ears, and she gently removes them; Fixing Your Malfunctions, you’re a computer/machine/robot in need of tuning up; Patterns on Your Face; Unintelligible Whispers

The links are to YouTube but you can search the same titles to find them on Spotify.


Recommended recordings: Plucking, Poking, and Petting; Inaudible/Unintelligible Whispers

The links are to Spotify but you can search the same titles to find them on YouTube.

I have a couple Spotify playlists specifically for ASMR if you’re ready for more ASMR experiences:

ASMR-Whispers, Tingles, and Tickles – includes a variety of ASMRtists, including Gibi and FrivolousFox

Gibi playlist – exclusively Gibi content

Only on YouTube

Jodie Marie

Recommended recordings: Doing your Makeup/Personal Attention/Brushing/Trigger Words; Just Relaxing with You/Gentle Ear Triggers, a simple roleplay where the two of you have a relaxing sleepover.

Daisy Banaisy

Recommended recordings: her alien roleplay, you were abducted onto the alien’s ship; you become friends and travel the universe together.


Reommended recordings: her alien roleplay, you end up on the alien’s plant and her character cares a lot for you; her astronaut roleplay, you are a sick alien she examines and helps.

I also have a YouTube playlist featuring all the listed creators and more.

A few more tips
  • I recommend using headphones or earbuds to best experience the effects of ASMR. Make sure both ear parts are working. You might even consider investing in headphones for sleeping. Make sure they’re charged before extended use; some may “talk” to you when the battery is low. 
  • Once you’ve started ASMR on your preferred device, limit any further light exposure by either turning off the screen or setting the device facedown. If you don’t want it running all night, you might set a sleep timer. 
  • The only downside to streaming ASMR directly online is that the ads may wake you up if you don’t have an ad-free subscription to the service or auto-play is left on. 


ToastPopGirl’s Wedding Planning Advice

ToastPop was initiated twelve years ago. James and I were young college students blogging about things that interested us, as well as other college students and young adults. A lot has changed for me, James, and the world in that time, but not our passion for writing and young adult interests. We’re young at heart. If anything, I’d say we’ve become better writers and content creators while we’ve grown up, put college behind us, and established ourselves in jobs/careers/adult life. 

For instance, I got married in 2022! I’m far from the accredited Huffington Post journalist or blogging influencer I imagined I was starting this gig way back when. Even now, ToastPop has had over two-thousand views on its better days, but I hope somewhere in the mix are some current or future brides/married partners-to-be looking for advice on planning a wedding with minimal stress.  

ToastPop Girl is all grown up and married!

Marriage Matters Most 

The key thing to remember is that the marriage itself is what matters most. Wedding planning is planning out the day dedicated to celebrating love and unity between two people who have decided to commit the rest of their lives to one another. It may entail either a ceremony, reception, or both. However, the legal/religious act of marriage can happen just as easily at the courthouse as it can in a church or some other venue and with or without excess pomp and circumstance. It’s all up to what you and your future spouse wants. I’ll allude to that idea a lot, by the way.

Yes, it’s one of the biggest milestones and decisions of your life, one you and your spouse will remember for a long time. It’s just one day though, organized as the two of you wish. Not every day will be as blissful as that one day, but a healthy relationship between you and your spouse will go a long way when the days are mundane or rough. 

A few words about the proposal

Just in case you’re not at that point yet or you think it’s coming soon…I’d say that the proposal act in itself has its own specialness and memorability, no matter where, when, and how it’s done. My husband proposed to me in my tiny apartment kitchen/dining room and I still remember the butterflies I got when he went down on one knee.

The asking part should be so much easier if you and your partner are all-in committed to spending your lives together in that way. You still may be nervous just doing it or experiencing it, so don’t make it any more work than necessary. You can get a “secret” photographer, go to a special place, and have a special evening if you and your partner want, but don’t overstress too many of the details or some of the magic might get lost.

One of my engagement photos

Planning the big day

If you are wondering when the best day and time will be to have your wedding, discussions will be a dime a dozen and I’m sure there are arguments for almost every month of the year. So I think the date is best determined by the wishes and needs of you and your spouse-to-be. Some mutual agreement or compromise will need to be found early when deciding when the big day will be, among other things. 

The same mentalities should be used if you’re considering special parts within the ceremony, like special music, lighting candles, pouring sand jars, reciting customized vows or speeches, throwing rice, releasing doves, etc. They may be trendy and appealing to you but your partner may feel differently, if not uncomfortable with particular add-ins. They may also entail more time, energy, and resources into the big day, and your ceremony guests have to sit through them as well. I don’t intend to discourage what you and/or your spouse want but those are just things to keep in mind. Remember the focus is on celebration more than performance. Also, the simpler the ceremony, the less stress, and pressure there will be. 

The next important consideration is any logistics behind your intended event, like travel, booking desired venues, catering, entertainment, etc. Taking practical steps early to secure the services or venues early is very beneficial. You may need to save some money to afford them. Some may require bookings several months or a year in advance for the best service. With an early connection, the business can plan for/around your big day, or if they can’t, you have ample time to nail down a backup plan. 

The early start definitely served me well. I connected with a caterer I liked in either late 2020 or the early months of 2021—over a year and some months before my wedding. They couldn’t commit to me right away, so I stayed in touch with them until something could be determined for sure. By June or July, I was told there was a scheduling conflict on my intended date, and the other booking had precedence. Since I found out when I did, I had plenty of time to make arrangements with another service. 

A couple other takeaways from this anecdote would be to have multiple options on hand if you can in case your first one doesn’t work out. Be open, flexible, and reasonable as you establish your event needs. So hopefully no huge sweat if one commitment falls through or you and/or your partner are indecisive. The other choices could be a plan B. 

Having a wedding planner/calendar was a big help too, as it outlined the ideal time frames for completing wedding-planning-oriented tasks. I checked boxes and kept notes as things developed. I had a big one with a couple folder pockets, so I was able to keep close anything else that helped me make decisions and remember particular details. I held onto the emails I exchanged with businesses, I wrote down any questions I had and answers I got, I kept printouts of rental policies and procedures, maybe a few menus and receipts too. It went with me almost everywhere so I could stay on top of things when I had a free moment. 

My family and community support was the biggest help of all though. I always imagined my family and friends being involved in my wedding and I suppose I’m very blessed that it was easily a reality. My mother was practically my second-in-command for the ordeal. She was very helpful, yet not overbearing. She gave me the wedding planner and suggested a photographer and someone to hem my dress. She planned my bridal shower, and the creative Alice in Wonderland theme was the brainchild of hers and the cousin who decorated for me (see following pics). My officiant was also my church pastor and premarital counselor. The youth pastor was my AV person. I knew both pastors’ kids through the children’s programs and they were really excited to be a part of things too! Their mothers helped get them ready as well. Another cousin played piano during the ceremony and a family friend played for the reception. Even my sister’s boyfriend got wrangled in, picking up the reception desserts because the bakery I ordered from didn’t deliver. 

I hope other brides/married partners-to-be have a reliable network of people that are able to assist and have their backs. Wedding planning is one more thing to do on top of earning paychecks, paying bills, and whatever else fills life. So any task delegation or advice can take one less thing off the busy plate. 

Other Tips:

  • Watch for wedding expos or bridal shows in your area to get ideas and connect with various wedding-related businesses in the area. 
  • Services like Zola and The Knot provide a lot of necessities for wedding planning. You can use them to manage a wedding website, guest lists, RSVPs,  registries, create invitations, find vendors, get gifts, favors, or accessories for your party, and more! They’re even available as apps so you can plan from your phone or tablet. 
  • Ideas if you’re budget-conscious: when you start talking about wedding planning, there is a chance someone you know may have unused or gently-used flowers, decor, or other items to share. You might even luck out at a yard sale or on Mercari
  • Try being your own DJ. Most music services allow you to make your own setlist or offer ones curated specially for weddings. (Making your own can be fun if you and/or your partner love music. I have the “ultimate” wedding playlist on Spotify, BTW.)  All you’ll need is a speaker or sound system compatible with the primary device. 
  • Check with the courthouse or appropriate municipal offices to see if or how any of these apply: City-owned venues, like community centers, may offer discounts to city residents. Some places may return your deposit if their rules are followed and their facility is cleaned to their standards after the event. When applying for a marriage license, proof of pre-marital counseling may grant a slight discount, and the fees may vary between states and counties, or even for residents and non-residents. 
  • Consider showing your ceremony online. Wedding/event planning embraced online showings in the COVID/post-COVID world, but the option can also help distant guests feel included if they cannot attend in-person for different reasons. 

Fire Fight Australia: A “Live Aid-Style” Concert Benefiting Brushfire Disaster Relief

In 1985, the music world offered their talents for the Live Aid super-concert charity to support South African famine relief. The rock band, Queen, was one of the highlights from the Live Aid performances and conversely, the event was a highlight of their stardom.

  Sources claim the Land Down Under has experienced the worst brushfire season on record. Originating in the southeast region of New South Wales back in November 2019, the fires have swept across all six Australian states. Roughly 25.5 million acres have been destroyed, devastating over two-thousand homes and an estimation of one billion animals. To give some perspective, that amount of acreage is comparable to the size of South Korea! The eastern Australian states of Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria account for eighty-four percent of the devastation. Due to the smoke, the capitol city of Sydney (on the Australian east coast of the New South Wales state) recorded the worst pollution it’s ever seen on January 1st, with an air quality index twenty-three times higher than what is considered hazardous. This so much and so problematic that the smoke crept into birthing rooms, stopped MRI machines from working, and triggered respiratory distress in an elderly woman, leading to her death. The pollutant air quality has even affected New Zeland, which is over 1,200 off Australia’s east coast. Their skies, clouds, and glaciers have been uncharacteristically discolored. The smoke haze has even canceled tour operations. With Australia in the midst of summertime and the normal peak of their fire season around late January or early February, their disasters could only continue and worsen.

Over thirty-five years after Live Aid, the music world does it again with Fire Fight Australia, a charity concert for Australia’s brushfire relief efforts taking place Sunday, February 16th. In fact, its even been touted as a “Live Aid-style concert”! And again, Queen (+ Adam Lambert) will take the stage at ANZ Stadium for the event, which comes the day after a show on their Rhapsody Tour. They will be joined by Alice Cooper, Olivia Newton-John, k.d. lang, and many other worldwide and local music icons, some of which have yet to be announced. All proceeds will benefit Australia’s rural and regional fire services, the RSPCA Bushfire appeal, the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery and other organizations.

Concert tickets went on sale January 13th and have unfortunately sold out as of this writing. The Australian-based vendor Ticketek is the only authorized dealer, meaning that tickets purchased from anywhere else are not guaranteed to be valid and offer access to be event. As of the end of January, broadcasts of the event have been announced through Australia’s Channel Seven, Foxtel, and the 7Plus streaming service.

Fire Fight Australia concert promo; image courtesy of Google

Live Aid was an ambitious endeavor for its time, lasting around sixteen hours between two major venues set between majorly different time zones –three venues and zones if you count Oz for Africa held in Australia the day before for that matter. Satellite broadcasting was still fairly new in 1985. Nonetheless around sixty music acts reached over a billion viewers in 110 countries and raised one hundred and fifty million pounds. Thirty-five years later, an international broadcast or live stream of some kind should be no problem. Around twenty-one acts and counting are already confirmed on the Fire Fight Australia bill, and ultimately we have the power of the internet which stars everywhere have used to react or respond to the crisis, sharing heartbreak or urging support on social media. One most significant posts was from Airbourne, an Australian rock band, who tweeted:

“Rockers worldwide – if you haven’t heard yet, Australia is literally burning – the smoke can be seen from space and has even turned the white snow caps over in New Zealand black.

“Too many Aussies have lost their loved ones – they’ve lost homes and livelihoods, and over half a billion animals have met their fate in these devastating fires. 

“Firefighters – a lot of whom are volunteers – and all emergency personnel, including the large number of vets, are going way beyond the call to duty and we thank them with all of our hearts. Australia can’t survive without their staunch, courageous and never-say-die commitment to stopping these fires.

“Any help from you will be greatly appreciated and will go a long way – even just one pound, one euro, one dollar or one peso can help. Every little bit helps rockers – Australia is burning.”

Others have harnessed star power, influence, and/or their own wealth, like Sir Elton John at a recent concert drew attention to the bushfire devastation and pledged one-million dollars for relief efforts. Metallica donated $750,000 and Pink has pledged $50,000. New Jersey deathcore band, Fit for an Autopsy, and Blink-182 have geared merchandise sales towards fundraising. As news of the brushfire disasters have gone global in the last month or so, the calls to action and responses alone, ahead of the concert event itself at that, are what really have been “Live Aid-style”.  

What can you do? Below are links to a few organizations taking donations or to merchandise sales supporting relief efforts or to other information about the disasters or charity efforts. This list just came together from this article’s source material and a little additional research and is by no means comprehensive, but ideally its a starting point for someone interested in lending a hand or knowing more.– get a live album recording of the concert event – Donates to the New South Whales rural fire service – Donates to Country Fire Authority; based in the state of Victoria – Donates to Country Fire Service Foundation; supports volunteer firefighters – Donates to WIRES Wildlife Rescue


Toast Pop Travels: Blue Moon Café

Shepherdstown, West Virginia is the oldest town in the state, but a blended atmosphere of home-grown, country, and contemporary combine with its antiquity to make it a wonderful place! There is just as much of a unique atmosphere at its Blue Moon Café. Much of the dining area is furnished outside among a shady green oasis that even includes a fountain. The menu is an affordable variety of sandwiches, salads, soups, wraps, pizza, and a little crab. They have many vegan and vegetarian options, along with several alcoholic beverages. Blue Moon is locally sourced, meaning many of their products were grown or made right in the region. Local entertainment can even be found here at their open mic nights.

Blue Moon Café gets my “Toast Pop Approval” for its support of local agriculture, food quality, meal price, and unique dining experience outdoors! Its well-worth the walk from anywhere in the heart of town.

Plan your visit to Shepherdstown and the Blue Moon Café!

Blue Moon Café homepage:

View the menu, get directions, and get to know their local sources

Blue Moon Café Facebook page:

Get updates on specials and performances

Shepherdstown Visitors Center:

Learn the history, find out about local events, plan a stay, and more!

Toast Pop Travels: Topsail Turtle Project

Vacationing tourists aren’t the only ones looking for a good place to stay near the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Topsail Island is the choice nesting ground for several kinds of sea turtles, and along with them is the Topsail Turtle Project, a private, nonprofit, and volunteer organization dedicated to maintaining the sea turtle’s well-being. Their mission to the marine life is to conserve and protect them here and abroad; rescue and rehabilitate the injured; and inform and educate the community about the their plight and threat of extinction. The heart of the organization is the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Surf City. For no more than five dollars a visitor, you can experience a guided tour of the facility and see the turtles in their care. 

The project’s web pages alone boast information on successful recoveries, releases, and information on nesting along Topsail beaches. So, you’re bound to be part of something new in your visit and even your support through donations.

My family vacationed on Topsail Island this summer, and I really liked being there! It has a small-town vibe: quiet and comfortable. Some beach access is exclusive to visitors and residents of certain residential complexes, and there are some choice local restaurants and even ice cream parlors. The turtle hospital and turtle project are the heart of this community, so I give it all a big “Toast Pop Approval”!

Plan your trip to Topsail Island and the Sea Turtle Rescue Center!

homepage for the rescue center:

Find hours of operation, make a donation, and see what’s going  on.

The hospital Facebook page:

See exclusive photos of the Topsail Turtle Project at work, and try out the area guide app.

Topsail Island homepage:
Arrange to stay right on the island, and find other things to do.

Toast Pop Travels: Hinton and the Chestnut Revival

Get the “wild and wonderful” experiences of West Virginia in the most authentic ways possible by paying a visit to Hinton, West Virginia! Hinton is a small town tucked away in the eastern hills of the Mountain State and has a rooted successful lineage in being a former railroad town. Hinton is about twenty-eight miles from Beckley, but close to its history with museums dedicated to the railroad industry and the Civil War. Hinton is also not far from state parks Pipestem and Bluestone and the New River Gorge. No place could be any closer to natural beauty and history than Hinton.

There is perhaps no other place in Hinton that can make you feel more comfortable in the mountains than the Chestnut Revival: a homey, bed-and-breakfast and coffee shop on Summers Street. Reviews on rank Chestnut Revival only second to The Market on Courthouse Square, but critics have ranked it the best for its cozy atmosphere, food quality, and friendly service. And this place is definitely a “ToastPop approved” attraction as both editors have been there and loved it! It is everything a coffee shop should be and more! One can easily relax and enjoy themselves in their dining area while consuming home-cooked tea, coffee, and other delicious treats! Most Friday nights are open mic nights featuring local talent and there is fun to be had on most holidays. There is no place like home, but Hinton and the Chestnut Revival could most certainly be your home away from home while you experience all the “wild and wonderful” West Virginia has to offer!

Plan your visit to Hinton and the Chestnut Revival!

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Chestnut Revival Facebook page:

Chestnut Revival menu:

They serve breakfast and lunch all day, and offer healthy and organic options 

The city of Hinton website:

Get information on the history, local life, and events 

Toast Pop Travels: Hyman’s Seafood Company

In the heart of the historic district of Charleston, South Carolina is a wonderful staple business that has stood for over a century. What began as a wholesale center in 1890 has become Hyman’s Seafood restaurant and Aaron’s Deli; a city landmark, a critically acclaimed eatery, and a very popular dining spot! Critics regard Hyman’s for quality food and service all for great prices and many famous faces have dined there at some point, as you will see by the dozens of gallery-style portraits and even on little plaques on the dining tables. It might get a little crowded, but it is not the least bit uncomfortable and worth the wait. Its popularity contributes to the restaurant’s lively atmosphere.  There is something for everyone at the cost of twenty dollars at most for a dinner meal. The complimentary boiled peanuts and hush puppies are some of the best! Usually families with children are even presented with coupons for complimentary dessert redeemable at the general store on the way out, and you can take some of your Hyman’s experience with you when you purchase from their array of souvenirs! Beyond the hype, a trip to Hymans can be a great personal tradition. It’s a family owned business spanning about five generations after all. My own family often vacations in Charleston, and our experiences are not complete if we don’t go to Hymans. Southern cuisine and hospitality couldn’t be a better value anywhere else!

Plan your visit to Hymans!

Facebook page:

Mobile app:
Free for Apple devices. Access their menu, find recipes, get in on the daily deals, and more!  

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Pride and Prejudice Meets the Present

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries Logo

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” This is the line that begins the timeless Jane Austen classic Pride and Prejudice. Most literary critics would think of this line as a reflection (or a satire) upon relational values of Jane Austen’s time and place in history, but to the average reader, it sets the premise of the love story it is today known to be. However you read Jane Austen, this year celebrates two hundred years of existence for Pride and Prejudice. Perhaps it’s a truth universally acknowledged now that a lot has changed in society since Austen wrote it. Being so far removed from Austen’s time in this day and age certainly puts a damper on fully understanding this beloved classic, but The Lizzie Bennet Diaries brings it all to the twenty-first century.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries portrays the Austen classic in a very contemporary way, and still remains true to the tale. It is a one hundred episode blog series on Youtube that is hosted by the headstrong, independent Lizzie Bennet. In each short episode she unfolds a dramatic scene from Pride and Prejudice with her intelligent best friend, Charlotte Wu; her perfect sister, Jane; their wild-child sister, Lydia; their restless, southern-bell mother and aloof father; the rich and sweet Dr. Bing Li, and many other characters from the novel. Whether you’re a fan of Jane Austen, or you’re trying to understand what’s going on in Pride and Prejudice, it is fun, enjoyable, and easy for anyone to follow. The modern aspect is a big help in understanding the plot and dated references.

Though rich, single men may not always be seeking marriage these days; nor might unusual women be anxious to snatch them up, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries bridges the two century time span to enlighten and entertain students and lovers of classic literature. All the modern aspects of the series, like the web-blogging medium, the colorful characters, and the pop culture craving for drama, are tuned to reflect the classic novel, which makes great entertainment for the literary enthusiast, a wonderful supplement or resource for studying Pride and Prejudice. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries introduces the classic to modern times.