Should College Students Go Year Round?

For students looking to accelerate their college education, taking college classes year round is a great option. By taking classes during the summer, winter, and spring semesters, students can earn credits more quickly, potentially graduating earlier than those who take classes only during the traditional two semesters a year.

One of the advantages of taking college classes year round is that it gives students the ability to create an individualized schedule that works best for them. Students can tailor their academic program to their own needs, such as taking classes that are more difficult during the summer when they have more time to devote to them. It also allows students to take advantage of more diverse course offerings, such as international programs and classes that are not available during the traditional semesters.

Another benefit of taking college classes year round is that it can help students stay on track and graduate on time. By taking classes year round, students can make up for any credits lost during a semester or make up for classes they weren’t able to take. It also helps students avoid having to take extra classes during the traditional semesters, which can be more expensive and less efficient.

Finally, taking college classes year round can provide students with a more flexible lifestyle. Since classes are spread out over the year, it allows students to take advantage of internships and job opportunities without having to worry about conflicting class schedules. It also gives them more time to devote to extracurricular activities and other interests.

Taking college classes year round offers numerous benefits to students looking to accelerate their education. From creating personalized schedules to taking advantage of diverse course offerings, students can reap the rewards of taking classes year round.


Yoga, Finding Your Center

As a mother of three with a full time job, I can easily attest to the fact that life can get out of hand. School, work, bath time, diapers, bedtime, and household chores all combine to form a hair-pulling, eye-twitching, stress fueled melt-down. I needed a bit of help unwinding, and after a little research, I found the perfect all natural solution that calls for nothing but an open mind and a small section of floor: yoga.

Yoga means union and is a mind and body practice that hinges on harmonizing the two. It has an expansive history that covers centuries as well as a multitude of countries. There were many different schools of thought under the large umbrella of “yoga”. Modernized yoga, however, gained popularity in the 1980’s and completely exploded in 2001 when its many physical and mental health benefits were made more widely known. It’s poses call for quiet and gentle movement, an awareness of the body that helps to still the mind and drain away the stress of daily life as well as helping to keep the body fit. The different movements and poses build the core, refine balance, and help with posture.

For me, a quiet living room and an instructional video that is only a search engine away combine to create the perfect scenario. I’m comfortable, content, and able to focus on what I’m doing. There’s no need for a baby sitter, and I can feel refreshed, relaxed, and recharged. For many others, a classroom environment with a knowledgeable instructor is preferred. Many gyms and fitness centers offer yoga classes at convenient times and affordable rates. Whichever environment helps you to rejuvenate, yoga is a wonderful way to relax. Namaste.