Bold For Men Dry Shave Gel

Bold For Men Dry Shave GelIt’s not always convenient to shave, especially in college when you have so little time to begin with. What if we said there is a product that can cut the time it takes to shave in half and give you quite near the perfect shave? Well, Bold For Men is just that!

The Dry Shave Gel that is offered by them is a product that does just what it says it will. You put it on the area(s) that you wish to shave, don’t even bother getting your face wet because you don’t have to, and then begin shaving. Just wait 30 seconds after you put the gel on your face in order to give it time to go into effect. You will be surprised at how smooth a shave you can achieve with this revolutionary product.

Another really cool thing to mention about the Dry Shave Gel by Bold For Men is that it can be used as an all-in-one product! That’s right, use it as your pre-shave gel, shaving gel, and aftershave. Oh, and if you have a bit of a problem with razor burn, this might be the product you need since it also helps fight that! What doesn’t this gel do? It is a must have for any guy who wants to save time when shaving and still get the perfect shave.

Toast Pop Guy’s Favorites: Modern Black

Modern is a great look for anyone, and of course we all have our favorite things. It just so happens that I love modern things quite a bit. I like minimal and simplistic looks as well as items that contribute to the overall style of the modern look.

(1.) Sony Piiq Earbuds – Sony has developed a new line of earbuds by the name of Piiq that not only look great, have great sound, and offer neat functions not accompanied by most other earbuds, but they also have a wide variety of choices at a very affordable price. ($13 directly from Sony)

(2.) Blackberry Bold 9650 – I’m not necessarily suggesting that you go to your cell phone provider and switch your phone over for a Blackberry, you still have to have a phone that works for you and what you like (ex. keyboard, touch screen, camera, etc.), but do keep in mind that a good looking phone is half the battle most of the time. ($550 w/o contract)

(3.) Capsule Case Wallet – Capsule Case has been making a great alternative to the traditional wallet for quite some time now! Though I have trouble fitting cash in mine sometimes, it is perfect for credit and business cards. Keep looking classy and modern while saving the functions you need in a wallet. They offer many different colors in their line of modern wallets, but I like to keep it simple and so I went with a traditional black color. This wallet not only looks fantastic, but feels sleek and appropriately sized in your hands and pocket. ($15 varies by store)

(4.) Moleskine Sketchbook – If you’re like me, you love to sketch, but you hate carrying around a huge sketchbook with pages that smudge your wonderful works of art. Well, that’s where this little guy comes in handy. Moleskine makes my favorite line of books on the market, their paper is top of the line and does not smudge your work, especially when you use a sharpie pen (I love those!). They offer notebooks, planners, and many other types of books, as well as sizes, but you can’t go wrong with the medium sized Moleskine Sketchbook. ($15 varies by store)