Still Alice by Lisa Genova Book Review

Still Alice by Lisa Genova Book ReviewThis is one of those books that you literally cannot stop reading. The characters are all likable and you feel a connection to this family without even trying to. The story is compelling yet not overly theatrical and exaggerated. It is a very true to life depiction of Alzheimer’s disease.

So often an author will try to express what it is like to go through something, and there will be an obvious disconnect, but not in this novel. I had to remind myself many times that I really didn’t know Alice and her family because she seems that real.

The author Lisa Genova does a fantastic job at depicting what life would be like if you had to go through these same or similar events. The writing style is elegant, but not pretentious. Here is one of my favorite bits of writing from the book:

“The date on the calendar only made everyone feel offended or cheated, aware that it was already spring elsewhere, and there people wore short-sleeve shirts and awoke to the sounds of Robins chirping. Here, the cold and misery showed no signs of relenting, and the only birds Alice heard as they walked to campus were crows.” – From Still Alice pg. 106

This book is honest and that is really all that you can ask for in a book like this. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. Don’t skip this book for any reason whatsoever.

3 thoughts on “Still Alice by Lisa Genova Book Review

  1. This one sounds like a great read, James. I do not have many people in my life that have been touched by this disease, but this seems like it can be a great book for those to get an idea of what it can be like.

  2. I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while. Think I may watch the movie first though since I’m trying to buy less books these days but if I happen across a cheap copy sometime soon who am I to resist such an offering 😉

    Have you seen the movie yet? Was it a good adaptation?

    1. I literally just watched the movie. The movie was very good and true to the book, but the book was much better. There were small things that if I hadn’t read the book I might not have gotten from the movie.

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