Adam Lambert & Steve Cooke

Most of us know of Adam Lambert, runner up on American Idol and of Steve Cooke, but did you know that they have a newly released album of live sessions? They do! The Paramount Sessions features these two recording some fantastic music at the Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California! Surprisingly they both sound great live, and the songs are different than what I am used to listening to, but still very good. The album is a more insightful look into the personal mood set in a live recording session, one that only an album like this can create. If you are a fan of either, or simply want to hear some new music, be sure to check out the album Adam Lambert & Steve Cooke – Paramount Sessions at MVD for a great price and great service!

10 thoughts on “Adam Lambert & Steve Cooke

  1. As a devoted Adam Lambert fan I will NOT be checking out these Parasite Sessions or the accompanying Album Beg For Money, Adam has made his feelings on this quite clear despite the lawsuit forcing him to allow their release. Very few fans will buy it now.
    Welsford and co pulled this stunt when Adams first album was released with Take One, Trying to sell it on the back of Adams promo for his real Album, And now he’s doing the same thing when Adam releases his second Album, which is called TRESSPASSING. How long is Welsford going to dog Adams steps with the same fusty old demos? All the way to album 10?

    1. That’s interesting, we don’t know about all of that, we were just reviewing the music, which was good of course.

      1. You should investigate, this whole mess has even caused the break up of the friendship between Adam and his guitarist Monte Pittman, who turned out to be involved with Welsford. The majority of Adams fans are very angry about it.

        The thing Adams fans are really angry about is that on the website set up to promote these pre idol albums they took quotes made by Adam about his new album and used them as if he was saying that about these albums. and tried to promote them as if they were new material.
        They even had employees of the company putting up false reviews on Amazon as if they were fans and putting comments on websites pretending to be fans.

        This blog had to shut down it’s poll because there was suspicious activity, that is the numbers supporting the fake albums kept going up despite there being very little support in the comments.

        And that was back in October, around the time that Adam had said he would be releasing his second album. There has even been speculation that this is the reason Adams real album has been delayed, so altogether a horrible mess.

    2. I really wonder why there is someone who is spreading all these false news and allegations. And everywhere?????This is a great record. 2 super singers!! Ok, they are not their songs, but who cares? Its great music!! Our whole family loves it. This looks like someone who has got nothing else to do but to to go on about stuff we are all not interested about. Man, its the music biz. Nothing is straight forward. And anyway, Adam wasnt even allowed to go into Idol as he had 2 recording contracts in place.

  2. Thank you, The biggest worry is people buying the album thinking that it’s Adams new music, which is what Welsford and co were hoping for. Because of the court case Adam can’t do anything about it himself, but they can’t stop fans commenting and looking out for his interests by making sure everyone knows the real story.

  3. well, someone got their story completely wrong here. The court case was against Malcom Welsford/Colwell and a record called Beg for Mercy, not the Paramount Sessions. These are 2 different labels and Welsford is not involved anymore with the Paramount Sessions since a long time. Also nobody ever advertised this album as NEW. Again that was Welsford confusing the public with BFM. Guys this album is nice music, everyone likes it. Adam and Steve did this a paid job and they both performed well.

    1. Even if that were true that doesn’t change the fact that Adam didn’t want either of these albums released, and his Tweets about his new album were used to promote both.

  4. All not true. Welsford is not involved with this record!! The label split a long time ago. Get your facts right first. Seems its always one and the same person complaining and slandering everything. Are you working for Sony? Have seen your loooooong comments on all sorts of sites.

    1. No I’m not working for Sony, I’m a Social Care Worker on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland. You can check that out all you like.
      Who are you working for?

  5. wow, I bought this album and its amazing!! Love the singing. I agree with the write up. Who is this nutcase who is spamming all these sites?? Some nutty social worker?? Stop hurting Adam!

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